Discount Furniture

Getting My First Discount Furniture

In my youth, I had lived with my father for a good portion of time. First I was young, and then he was old - and he needed watching. After his passing, I was out on my own, and got my first introduction in the concept of discount furniture. From the old house, I got a bed, dresser, and a few other assorted items. But, when trying to furnish an apartment, I was clearly lacking in many pieces. And, as I was a young engineer, just starting out in life, I did not exactly have a lot of money. So, I had to find a place that had discount furniture.

My Dad was a great one for going to yard sales, the Salvation Army, and other places to pick up discount furniture. He always said that estates sales had the potential to get you great stuff, but you could never be sure. If the furniture were true antiques, some shop owner would come along and scoop it all up!

In my area, several stores had recently opened: Wal-Mart, Target, and others; all of them were great for having discount furniture. So, I went to one and picked up my very first Home Entertainment Center. I had no idea what that meant; back then I only had a TV. Once I got the box home, I opened it up, sifted through all the parts, and put together my first piece of discount furniture. Later, when I got a VCR and a Nintendo game system, I was finally able to use all of the little shelves in the unit.

Yet, I still needed some furniture pieces for my apartment; it was still rather bare. In searching the stores for good discount furniture, I just couldn't find the items I wanted. And then a friend at the community theater told me about a local auction house that might be just the thing for me. I wasn't too sure about that. All the things I'd seen and heard about auctions made it look like they were a place to get art and trinkets that were very expensive. I did not want to get into a bidding war with some old lady over a corner whatnot! So, I just didn't see where discount furniture would be available at an auction.

Still, my friend persisted, and finally won me over with the argument that I did not have to bid on anything. So, we went to the very next one. It was not at all like I'd seen on TV! Of course, all I'd ever seen were those art auctions at Sotheby's. This was a simple warehouse with lots of tables. The discount furniture was all piled in one corner, and I gave it the once-over. There was not much there to interest me, but there was this nice little rectangular coffee table. Yeah, that one I would bid on.

So, taking our seats, I patiently waited for them to get to the discount furniture. As it happened, they did a bunch of Elvis records, jewelry, and some pottery first. Then came the discount furniture. A highchair went first, then an easy chair, which I almost bid on, but it went too high too fast for me to bother. And then they brought up the coffee table. Given the prices the other pieces had gone for, I was not optimistic of getting this item of discount furniture at a true discount. But, I was going to give it a shot. The bid started at ten dollars, quickly rose to twenty, and then I bid twenty-five. And that was followed by silence. I'd done it; my first auction had yielded a true piece of discount furniture.